SHSU Partnership With HISD Special 教育 Provides Unique 经验

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For the past 13 years, 山姆 Houston State University’s kinesiology program has partnered with Huntsville Independent School District’s Department of Special 教育, working together to positively impact both SHSU and HISD students. The partnership was initiated by SHSU professor, 何塞·圣地亚哥, and HISD coach and teacher, 杰森艾略特. The program is now led by professor Min Kim.

学生 enrolled in this 学术 Community Engagement (ACE) course, Adapted Physical Activity, begin the semester by learning guidelines for adapting physical activities to the needs of students with disabilities. HISD students are then bussed to the SHSU 休闲 体育 Center where the SHSU kinesiology students help to enhance their motor, 健身, 以及社交技巧.


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